Unlocked Literal Bible

The Unlocked Literal Bible is an open-licensed version of the Bible that is intended to provide a “form-centric” understanding of the Bible. It attempts to increase the translator’s understanding of the lexical and grammatical composition of the underlying text by adhering closely to the word order and structure of the originals.

The Unlocked Literal Bible is intended to be used together with the Unlocked Dynamic Bible to provide a more robust view of both the form and function of the original texts.

You may browse the unfoldingWord Bible Web App or see all the versions on DCS.

Download the English ULB.

Open-licensed Biblical content being created and translated:

“Unlocked Literal Bible” is a revision of the Public Domain “1901 American Standard Version” revised by the Door43 World Missions Community. It is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.