Unlocked Hebrew Bible

An open-licensed, lexically tagged, morphologically parsed Hebrew Old Testament. It enables the global Church to have access to the original texts of the Old Testament.

We use the excellent Open Scriptures Hebrew Bible as the base text for our Unlocked Hebrew Bible.

The Unlocked Hebrew Bible is:

  • Free of copyright and licensing restrictions (public domain / CC BY), permitting the entire global Church to use and build on it without hindrance.
  • Based on existing work of excellent pedigree and academic repute.
  • Morphologically parsed and lexically tagged.

The purpose of the project (together with the Unlocked Hebrew & Aramaic Lexicon) is two-fold:

  1. So that these resources can be made available to pastors and Bible students that speak the Gateway Languages of the world (thereby covering every people group, see the Gateway Languages page)
  2. So that these resources can be used to create robust tools for enabling Bible translators in the global Church (which we expect to soon number in the thousands) to check their translations with confidence, reliability, and without hindrance or dependency on outsiders to grant them a license to use the resources.

See also: Unlocked Hebrew & Aramaic Lexicon

The “Unlocked Hebrew Bible” is designed by unfoldingWord and developed by the Door43 World Missions Community. It is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.