Application Programming Interface

The unfoldingWord project supports several APIs to provide access to our content. The documentation for the current iteration is at API README.

  • Door43 Catalog - This catalog provides links to all of our content and is the recommended starting point for anyone trying to gain programmatic access to it. Documentation for the forthcoming version 3 is at API Drafts. Note that version 3 will deprecate the translationStudio and unfoldingWord catalogs referenced in the API README.

  • Gogs API - Our git.door43.org server provides an API for interacting with source repositories, issues, users, etc. This API is aimed to be very similar to Github’s API. Documentation is at https://github.com/gogits/go-gogs-client/wiki.

  • tD API - translationDatabase provides a langnames.json endpoint that supplies basic information for every language in the world, keyed to IETF language tags. See the langnames.json endpoint.

  • tK API - The translationKeyboard API provides access to keyboard layouts that have been defined in translationKeyboard.

Open access web services being developed: